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Get the gauges you need fast and avoid costly downtime!

If you’re looking for strain gauges for your manufacturing lines and plant facilities, then you’re in the right place. European Technical Sales are professional strain gauge suppliers who operate a massive supplier network, allowing us to source the precise parts you need quickly, without downtime and delays. We make it easy for engineers and production managers to keep facilities up-and-running, saving both time and money. Try our strain gauge supply service today and experience the difference for yourself.

Strain Gauge Supply Services

Finding strain gauges rapidly can be a challenge if you try to do it yourself, especially if you need them for niche applications. You often have to spend hours flicking through catalogues. And even when you think you have found what you need, you then have a nervous wait until it arrives on-site.

That’s why European Technical Sales offers a strain gauge supply service. With us, you can find the precise strain gauge you need, even if the original manufacturer has stopped producing it. We scour our global network of suppliers and their inventories to find parts, cutting down on your admin costs, and streamlining your search process. With us, you can spend less time hunting and more time managing and maintaining your lines.

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The Benefits Of Using Our Strain Gauge Supply Services

Partnering with us and using our strain gauge supply services offers a host of benefits you’ll love:

Source Difficult-To-Find Parts

How many times have you gone to a catalogue to find the strain gauges you need, only to find that you can no longer get the parts you require? It’s frustrating and often requires an expensive workaround. But with European Technical Sales, you no longer have to deal with issues like these. We source parts that are difficult to get hold of using our network of suppliers, providing OEM solutions that slot into your existing lines without the need for wholesale equipment reinstallation or substantial modifications.

Avoid Shutdowns

Strain gauges are vital components that measure the strain on your plant and equipment. When they fail, it can put your entire operation in jeopardy and lead to safety issues. This, in turn, can lead to expensive shutdowns that adversely impact your bottom line. At European Technical Sales, we make it our priority to get components to you rapidly. With us, you can find the specific component you need and build backup inventories to prevent future line stoppages.

Expert Guidance

Unsure which strain gauges you should order? The European Technical Sales has considerable experience dealing with production and manufacturing equipment. With us, you can get the best advice on the parts that you need for your lines.

ISO 9001 Accredited

We are an accredited business supply company and meet all statutory and regulatory requirements related to the provision of strain gauges.


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