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The 3 Big C’s – Compliance, Cost, Cleanliness
Commitment to Quality
The Steritool Difference
The 3 Big C’s – Compliance, Cost, Cleanliness

If you’re still using carbon steel maintenance tools in sterile processing facilities, you’re missing out on the three big C’s… Compliance, Cost, Cleanliness.

You’ve got one thing on your mind: maintaining the highest levels of sterility in your production facility. So when routine maintenance is required on sterile or critical processing equipment, do you call in the auto mechanic from your local filling station to do the job?

In a sense, that’s what you’d be doing when you equip your maintenance technicians with only general industrial carbon steel hand tools to maintain sterile production equipment. Carbon steel tools are not designed for sterilization, and introduce a very serious risk of ferrous contamination to sterile environments.

Go ahead, make a call down to your production supervisor right now and ask him what kind of wrench his mechanics use for routine maintenance, where he bought it, and how much it cost. How is it holding up? How often has he had to replace it in the last three years, as the chrome plating begins to flake and threaten production safety by introducing foreign particulate and raw ferrous surfaces to a sterile environment? If he knew that he could replace, once and for all, all of his deteriorating, sub-standard tools with stainless steel tools that would not need replacement or introduce risk, tools that were specifically designed for his application, would he be interested?

The fact is, specialized sterile and critical processing industries require maintenance tools designed to meet the same exacting compliance standards that must be upheld for every other step in the production process. But more often than you’d think, this effective solution is overlooked. Simply put, replacing carbon steel maintenance tools with stainless steel hand tools can result in the reduction of risk of process contamination as well as a significant cost savings.

Compare the benefits of stainless steel hand tools over carbon steel tools:

Stainless Steel Hand Tools Carbon Steel Hand Tools
Risk of Process Contamination Low High
Particulate Generation Homogenous material-
no plating to peel or chip
Chrome Plating-
chips or flakes can generate particulate
Sterility Designed specifically for routine sterilization through thousands of cycles Can only be effectively sterilized for approximately ten cycles before deterioration begins
Ferrous Contamination Pure chromium oxide surface creates passive (non-reactive) layer with no iron contamination Made from carbon steel with chrome plating. Ferrous surface introduces high risk of ferrous contamination
Cost Long life of the tools eliminates the need for replacement and quickly maximizes return on investment Necessity of frequent replacement results in high cost over time
Design Designed and specified for critical environment applications Designed for general industrial use.
Not intended for sterilization
Critical Environment No negative impact on critical environments Introduces particulate and iron contamination

Steritool is the world leader in stainless steel hand tool technology.
We can provide the tools you need to maintain critical standards and save you money in the long term.

Commitment to Quality

STERITOOL is the world’s largest manufacture of Stainless Steel Hand Tools for use in critical applications where the highest level of corrosion resistance, quality, and performance is demanded.

Europen Technical Sales have the widest range of Steritool stainless steel hand tools for off-the-shelf delivery  in the UK.

Steritool also specialize in manufacturing custom hand tools to meet the demands of the world leaders in sterile process environments.  Steritool produce a superior quality product suitable for its intended use and application.

Stainless Steel is the preferred alloy for use in environments which require the highest level of resistance to corrosion, contamination, particulate generation, the ability to withstand countless sterilization cycles and exposure to harsh cleaning processes.

Steritool is a global leader and  manufacture of Stainless Steel Hand Tools serving to the pharmaceutical, medical, tech, Food & Beverage, MRI(non-magnetic application), Aero Space, chemical processing, and other critical environment industries.

All processes are documented. All critical processes have strict controls and are evaluated on a regular basis to insure consistency, quality, and to discover opportunities for improvement. All of the material we use is 100% traceable and all critical processes adhere to industry standards.

The Steritool Difference

Although all Stainless Steel share the basic characteristics of resisting corrosion, there are many different families of stainless steel and they all have strengths and weakness. It is a constant battle to strike a balanced compromise between hardness and corrosion resistance.

At Steritool we work hard to select the appropriate alloy for the intended use of a tool. Of course, we understand customers have unique needs and we pride ourselves in being able to make most tool from any alloy that your application may require.

The two extremes we see in our day to day lives are the 300 & 400 series Stainless Steel. 300 series is often used in common household appliances. It has the highest corrosion resistance, but is the softest Stainless alloy. On the opposite end of the scale is 400 series (exclude 465) Stainless Steel which is often used in bearings that allow various mechanical components in our daily lives to operate smoothly. 400 series Stainless is very hard but lacks the corrosion resistance of other Stainless alloys.

We use both 300 & 400 series stainless steel and the most common alloys that fall in-between those two extremes.

Below is a simple breakdown of the common Stainless Steel alloys we use and their characteristics:

304 Non-Magnetic (4 Tesla), high level of corrosion resistance, resistant to many chemicals, soft, can not be hardened. 70 HRB (25HRC) 31 / 73 KSI Balls, Springs, Screws, Stand offs, Rivets, etc.
316 / 316L Non-Magnetic (4 Tesla), very high level of corossion resistance, resistant to most chemicals, soft, can not be hardened. Commonly used in chemical storage tanks and washdown areas. 80 HRB (28 HRC) 30 / 75 KSI Handles & Intermediate Shafts, Square Drive Collars, Power Bit Collars, Bit Collars, Low Stress/Torque Components, Balls, Springs, Screws, Rivets, etc.
BioDur 108 Non-Magnetic (10 Tesla), extreme resistance to magnetism, similar corrosion resistance to 316L, can not be hardened, implant quality alloy, limited availability. 43 HRC 199 / 254 KSI Custom Non-Magnetic Tools made from Round Stock. Limited availability.
Inconel 718 Non-Magnetic (5 Tesla), highly resistant to high temperatures/pressure (used for exotic exhaust/jet engines/pressure tanks), hardened by heat treating, high level of corrosion resistance. 45 HRC 170 / 200 KSI Non-Magnetic Tools made from Round Stock (hex keys, screwdrivers, etc) and Flat Stock (wrenches, etc.).
17-4PH Magnetic, high level of corrosion resistance, resistant to most chemicals, hardened by heat treating, available in wide range of raw material. 46 HRC 170 / 190 KSI Sockets, Nut Drivers, Hammers, Wrenches, various components used in assemblies, etc.
465 Magnetic, strong, high level of corrosion resistance, resistant to most chemicals, hardened by heat treating, good resistance to torsional loads, available in wide range of round stock. 50 HRC 239 / 254 KSI All Hex Key & Screwdriver products and other tools that require torsional strength.
420 Magnetic, high strength, hardened by vacuum heat treating, brittle, medium corrosion resistance, requires prompt washdown/dry process (can be TiN coated to increase corrosion resistance) 52 HRC 200 / 236 KSI Chisels, Hole Punches, Scissors, Pliers, some Wrenches, etc.
  • Alignment Bars, Heel Bars, Pry Bars
  • Cabinet Keys & Multi Driver
  • Caulking Gun & Grease Gun
  • Chisels
  • Clamps, Vices, Presses
  • Drill Stops
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Forceps & Tweezers
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammers & Mallets
  • Handles for Custom Applications
  • Hex Key & All Hex Tools
  • Ice Picks, Pointers, & O-Ring Remover
  • Nut Drivers
  • Pliers
  • Punches
  • Scissors & Knives
  • Scrapers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sockets, Ratchets, Accessories
  • Star Keys, Star Drivers, Star Bits
  • Tool Boxes, Trays, & Totes
  • Wedges
  • Wrenches


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