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Pharmaceutical Spares And Maintenance


If you’re looking for pharmaceutical spares and maintenance, then you’re in the right place. European Technical Sales are experts at sourcing parts for engineers in the pharmaceutical sector, including those that are difficult to find. With our help, you can get the items you need rapidly, source genuine OEM replacements, and avoid shutdowns that cost you a lot of money.

We work with a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers across the world and have an extensive database containing millions of parts for engineers in the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Specialists Seal Suppliers: If you need a seal for medical equipment, we can provide it. We source parts from existing suppliers, stockpiles and inventories, and we can even source parts that manufacturers are no longer making.
  • Specialists In Proportional Control: If you need a particular type of valve for your equipment, we can provide that too. Our experts consult our database to find the components you need, without any interruption to your regular operations. We are experts in pressure and flow control.
  • Specialists In Pneumatics: European Technical Sales is also a one-stop-shop for the types of pneumatics spares required by the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Suppliers of Stainless Steel Tools: Lastly, we source ultra-hygienic stainless steel tools that meet medical standards.

Safety First

When sourcing components for the pharmaceutical sector, engineers research and test equipment to ensure that all of the equipment is a high standard with a certificate of conformity. We source your supplies quickly and efficiently ensuring parts are FDA approved.


Rotary and Linear Encoders


Rotary and Linear Encoders


Rotary and Linear Encoders

Why you should use us…

All Parts Supplied With Full Certificate Of Conformance

European Technical Sales supplies all pharmaceutical parts with a full Certificate of Conformance – a document that confirms that the items requested pass set criteria and meet minimum safety requirements.

Specialists In Supplying Pharmaceutical Parts

Engineers in the pharmaceutical sector need partners who understand the field and can supply them with the correct items, including spare parts for sterile production. European Technical Sales understands that just swapping one part for another isn’t sufficient. All parts must be FDA-approved.

Stock Control Assistance

Stock control is a vital process that ensures that organisations maintain appropriate inventory for their operational needs while keeping costs to a minimum. As your spares partner, you can rely on European Technical Spares to provide you with vital assistance and a steady supply of parts to meet your ongoing operational requirements.

Get Pharmaceutical Spares And Maintenance Today

European Technical Spares is a one-stop-shop for all pharmaceutical spares. Get pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and bearing spaces all in one place and experience the convenience for yourself.

Problem Solvers

We’re problem solvers and always looking to supply and develop new products for the pharmaceutical industry. We help you find the parts you need quickly so you can spend more time focusing on your operation.


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Our Mission Statement...

“To provide our customers with a fast, efficient and professional one stop shop service to minimise any stoppages in production. We always aim to provide you with the best prices, fast deliveries and dedicated support.”

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