European Technical Sales Can Now Offer Workplace Screens.

European Technical Sales Can Now Offer Workplace Screens

We are working with our supplier to offer a great range of screening for different areas of your business

 Desk Shield

mix different size panels to build the desired shape for your cough screen, matching your desk measurements and office environment.

Our Desk Shield range has been designed to best accommodate a range of versatile spaces, individual office desks and work spaces in open plan office spaces. By combining panels with different lengths, you can accommodate any desk size and configuration. You can have a front panel only, front and a single side or front and both sides.

 Meeting Shield

The Meeting Shield  has been designed to best accommodate meeting rooms, larger tables, areas where people are meeting from all sides.

 Cross Shield

The Cross Shield  does not require bases and are a clever solution to more compact areas, as they support themselves at a 90 degree angle. In order to ensure the right protection.

 Social Shield

Our Social Shield  has been designed for kitchens, vending machines, coffee machines, between sinks/urinals, at entrances for hosts/security staff and several other environments.

 Coffee Shield

The Coffee Shield  has been designed for lower coffee tables, for those special social moments and meetings in the workplace over a hot beverage.

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